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Dark Inversion Forex Reversal Indicator For MT5

    The Dark Inversion Forex Reversal indicator for Metatrader 5 offers lower-risk trade entries in both oversold and overbought currency markets.

    The indicator generates trading signals on the price chart that could indicate powerful trend reversals at its early stages.

    How to identify buying and selling trade opportunities?

    • A green-colored arrow generates a bullish trend reversal.
    • A red-colored arrow generates a bearish trend reversal.

    The following indicator inputs and parameters can be fully customized: period, deviations, price filed, MA method, show arrows, buy arrow color, sell arrow color, show entry level, and more.

    The indicator works equally well for any trading instrument supported by the Metatrader 5 charting platform.

    For optimal results, we recommend becoming familiar with this technical indicator and testing it extensively on a demo account.

    Scalpers and day traders can maximize their profit potential by employing the Dark Inversion MT5 indicator during the most volatile trading hours.

    Tip: The BOS & COCH MT4 indicator (written for Metatrader 4) is another one that offers good trade reversal points under most trading conditions.

    Download Indicator 🆓

    Dark Inversion MT5.mq5 Indicator (MT5)

    Chart Example

    The picture below illustrates what the Dark Inversion Forex Reversal indicator looks like when applied to the MT5 chart.

    How To Buy And Sell Currency Pairs With The Dark Inversion Forex Reversal Indicator?

    Find a simple trading strategy below:

    Buy Signal

    • A bullish trend reversal signal is given when the green-colored arrow is displayed on the chart.
    • Place a stop loss below immediate support.
    • Exit the buy trade promptly when the red-colored arrow appears on the chart.

    Sell Signal

    • A bearish trend reversal signal is given when the red-colored arrow is displayed on the chart.
    • Place a stop loss above immediate resistance.
    • Exit the sell trade promptly when the green-colored arrow appears on the chart.

    Download Now 🆓

    Dark Inversion MT5.mq5 Indicator (MT5)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Install This Custom Indicator On Metatrader 5?

    • Open the MT5 trading platform
    • Click on the File menu button located at the top left part of the platform
    • Click on Open Data Folder > MQL5 folder > Indicators
    • Copy the Dark Inversion MT5.mq5 indicator file in the Indicators folder
    • Close and restart the trading platform
    • You will find the indicator here (Navigator window > Indicators)
    • Drag the indicator to the chart to get started with it!

    How Do I Edit This Indicator?

    • Click on the open chart with your right mouse button
    • In the dropdown menu, click on Indicator List
    • Select the indicator and click on the properties
    • Now you can edit the inputs, colors, levels, scale, and visualization
    • Finally, click the OK button to save the new configuration
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